South Cotswold Bridge Club Constitution

South Cotswold Bridge Club was set up by Jim Edwards in 2017 and is solely owned and managed by him. His goal in founding the Club was to provide access to all (with or without a partner) to learn, progress and play the game at all levels, with a special emphasis on encouraging a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which all players can feel comfortable.

Jim has provided the funds, effort and expertise to found the Club,buy all the necessary equipment and funding of venues in and around Tetbury. All the financial risk and liabilities involved in such is carried by the sole owner.

The membership has subsequently grown and the Club also offers social and charitable activities.

Jim is supported in the running of the Club by a group of volunteers who undertake a variety of activities: directing, scoring, catering, teaching, publicity, membership etc and this group also acts as a conduit between the membership and the sole owner. Notes from meetings of this group will be circulated  as emails to members, and annually, a copy of the Club accounts will be distributed.

In the event that the Club is no longer able to run as a solely owned Club, the volunteer committee would act as a Transition Group into a Club owned and run by the Members themselves if that is the wish of the majority.

Jim or any other person acting as Director, teacher or otherwise leading a session has the right and authority to refuse admission, expel, refuse or suspend membership of any player behaving in such a manner that compromises the Club’s principle goal.


SCBC March 2023

Last updated : 8th Mar 2023 14:25 GMT

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